Who Needs Gardens?  When we have pots!


When we have pots. Here are very simple ideas to create pot Gardens so that you can beautify and make use of rooftops, balconies, alleyways, sidewalks or whatever little space your home has.  Here are tips and ideas to decorate your Pot Gardens


As a first rule select a big pot, make sure that the pot is deep enough so that it can hold roots to all plants.  With colorful grow bags you can make it a better looking

Where to place? Most plants require enough sunlight in order to do photosynthesis but for some plants you can keep it indoors too which give oxygen.  Try to keep the pot near entrance to beautify your place else its your option to place your pots inside too.

The soil is more effective if you add more fertilizer upfront because once you pot all the plants then it would be difficult to see if the soil is out of nutrients. Also make sure the different types of plants requirements that you pot, maybe some like more water and some like less watering like Cactus. Make sure the water is evenly spread and have a good drainage.

Here is a sample of Pot Garden which is at Harith Tharang T.Nagar, if you are anywhere near Chennai you can visit their showroom


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