Coffee, how do I love you, let me count the number of ways: black drip, drip with cream, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, Turkish, Morocco and just plain espresso.


Coffea or coffee is a genus of a flowering plants, those seeds are so called Coffee beans. These coffee plants are the worlds highly traded commodity crops.

Ideally to grow coffee bean plants, you should start with a freshly picked coffee cherry, if you do happen to reside in a coffee producing country, pick ripe coffee cherries by hand, pulp them, wash, and ferment in a container until the pulp flops off. After this, rewash, discarding any beans that float. Then dry the beans on a mesh screen in open, dry air but not direct sun. The beans should be slightly soft and moist inside and dry on the outside; bite into it to find out. Now you are halfway into producing your own Coffee

There are more than 25000 types of Coffee Genes which are identified and found that Coffee beans make Caffeine using a different set of Genes than the Tea and Cocoa and other such plants.

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