Terra cotta figurine pots

The clay has such a distinctive natural reddish-orange color that really does make it look like it’s from the earth. In fact, the words ‘terra cotta’ literally translates to ‘baked earth’ in Italian. How fitting! Apart from being used in bricks or roofing, terra cotta is the major medium not only for plant pots but also for ancient sculptures (think ancient Greek figurines and the most famous of all, ancient China’s Terra Cotta Army). And this is why we started selling terra cotta pots that has figurine elements added to them. We at Harith Tharang wanted something that celebrates the earthiness and visual appeal of terra cotta as a material which encompasses and adorns your beautiful garden or balcony. If you are anywhere in Chennai, please do visit Harith Tharang @ 42 Bazullah Road, T.Nagar. #9841937297


IMG_3459 copy

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