Natural Disaster

Chennaities woke up to uprooted trees, big broken branches blocking the roads, fallen name boards, hoardings, damaged compound walls and vehicles under fallen trees, power cut and lack of milk supplies on Tuesday, a day after severe cyclone Vardah ripped through the city.
People in the residential localities after being awed by the damage caused by the cyclone started cleaning their compound of fallen trees, leaves and other muck that was blown by the cyclonic winds.

The destruction is so vast that the whole of Chennai would become too hot to live-in, in the coming months of summer. To avoid such calamities in the future we have a list of sturdy trees that can withstand stroms.

Coconut palm. Olive Fig Eucalyptus Redwood, Neem, Gulmohar, Tamarind, Raintree, Peltroforum are such.

Here at Harith Tharang, we have all tree saplings to make a better place for the storm affected chennai. Visit us @ 42, Bazullah Rd, T.Nagar 9841937297 | 04465275990

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