GO COCO – Coconut Shell planter

Going ECO, here is a better way for that. Being in Chennai we are used to drinking tender coconut, ever wondered that we can make use of that as a part of going ECO. YES, Tender coconut shells can be used as planter and seeds starters which is one of the best 100% eco friendly way to turn greener. Just pat in enough soil and put some seeds in the hollow part of the tender coconut and VOILA you are done. Keep them in a shade area for it to germinate and then you can plant them directly into the soil as the coconut decompose and become manure for the plant.
We at Harith Tharang encourage everyone to visit our place where we have planted a lots of ECO friendly products. Reach us on 9841937297 | 04465275990


3 (1)imagescoconut_shells_49l4v

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