Compost happens…

Compost happens… but it happens a whole lot faster when you know how!

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One of the loveliest aspects of nature is that everything in it has a use — the nasty, rotting zucchini as well as the lavender sprouting scented blossoms in the backyard. Home composting can take some of our leftovers, waste and unwanted extras and turn them into fertile soil to boost the productivity of gardens and landscapes.
Compost is decomposed organic material that is produced when bacteria in soil break down garbage and biodegradable trash, resulting in a product rich in minerals that is an ideal garden or landscaping amendment. In fact, it’s nature’s perfect amendment and can be added to the soil any time of year without the fear of burning plants or polluting water.

List of items that you can add to a compost bin.
Vegetable scraps
Egg shells
Yard waste (lawn clippings, leaves)
Manure (from vegetarian animals)
Coffee grounds and filters

List of items that should not be added.
Meat or animal products (bones, fish, eggs, butter, yogurt etc.)
Coal ash
Weeds or weed seeds
Pet droppings
Synthetic chemicals

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